Program Development

Athabasca University (AU) supports its faculties in developing and implementing curricular change and innovation. This is your guide to navigating the new program development process—from notice of intent to approval.

All proposals for new degree programs, both undergraduate and graduate, are subject to internal review and approval by General Faculties Council.

Faculty considering launching a new program should first contact the appropriate Dean’s office.

For other questions related to new program development, approval, and support, contact in the Office of the Provost.

Notice of Intent – Step 1

Notice of Intent: This should be completed first, following the steps outlined in this process

Development Process Preview
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Development Process – Step 2

Development Process: Once a program has been approved by the Provost following the above process, Faculties should then proceed to the Development Process section.

Development Process Preview
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Development Process Resources:

Alberta Credential Framework

The Alberta Credential Framework sets the standard for program nomenclature, program duration and the standard number of program credits, as well as the program outcomes emphasis.

Alberta Advanced Education Guidelines

The Post-Secondary Programs Branch of Alberta Advanced Education has developed guidelines to assist with the development of new program proposals. These guidelines are for the use of Alberta’s post-secondary institutions and are available here:

Alberta Advanced Education New Program Development Templates

Once approval to develop a full program proposal has been granted by the Provost and VPA, proposers must complete the relevant proposal template(s) for internal and external consultation and approval.


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