Program Development

Under the Post-secondary Learning Act, 2003 the Campus Alberta Quality Council is required to, "…consider the ability of institutions to deliver and sustain high quality undergraduate and graduate degree programs"1. In doing so, Council has articulated the following expectations2:

  1. Programs are adequately financed as they are developed, approved and implemented.
  2. The level of learning to be achieved is consistent with the expectations of that degree level, per the Canadian Degree Qualifications Framework.
  3. The level of learning is comparable in quality to similar programs offered in Alberta and elsewhere.
  4. A proposed program will have unique dimensions that differentiate it from similar programs offered elsewhere.
  5. CAQC’s Program assessment standards are upheld with respect to academic staff and degree programs.

1CAQC Handbook (2015), p. 53

Proposal Development Toolkit

The information contained below is intended to provide guidance and transparency to the program development process. While several discussions with Program Councils are encouraged, the OPVPA strongly encourages those with new program ideas to contact the Coordinator, Academic Services OPVPA prior to any substantial investment in proposal development. A quick discussion will facilitate information-sharing, such as: Alberta system coordination (e.g. another institution has a similar degree idea in front of the Minister, or a College has been asking for a partnership in this area); timing (in relation to other proposals before the CAQC, the Minister, or in the “AU queue”); resources (support from Athabasca University or external sources may be available), etc.