Degree Program Review Schedule

Program Review Schedule (site visits)

  2019/2020 2020/2021 2021/2022 2022/2023 2023/2024 2024/2025 2025/2026
Faculty of Business MBA   DBA BComm/BMgmt 3 yr
MBA Hockey Management (desk review)
Faculty of Health Disciplines       M Counselling
BN (Post LPN & Post RN) (external; 4 yr cycle)
MN (General)
MN: NP (external)
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences   EdD
Faculty of Science & Technology BSc (General, Human Sc., Appl. Math)
BSc Architecture
  MSc IS   BSc (all specializations except Architecture) BSc Architecture  

Program Last Review
Master of Health Studies 2019
Master of Nursing 2019
Master of Education – Distance Education 2019
Bachelor of Human Resources and Labour Relations 2019
Bachelor of Health Administration 2011
Bachelor of Science (General & Health Sciences major) 2019
Master of Business Administration 2013
Bachelor of Arts 2014
Doctor of Education – Distance Education 2015
Bachelor of Nursing (Post LPN & Post RN - external) 2015/2017
Doctor of Business Administration 2016
Master of Arts – Interdisciplinary Studies 2016
Master of Science –Information Systems 2017
Master of Counselling 2018
Bachelor of Commerce 2018
Bachelor of Management 2018
Bachelor of Professional Arts 2018
Bachelor of Science: Computing and Information Systems 2018
Bachelor of General Studies 2019 1
Bachelor of Science: Architecture (opened 2014) n/a
Bachelor of Science: Applied Math (opened 2015) 2019
Master of Business Administration – Hockey Management (opened 2017) n/a

*Last Review Dates indicate the calendar year of the last review external site visit
1Desk review only